We are currently accepting nominations for the President-Elect and Vice President of Chapter Operations positions on the DCCPA Executive Board!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the Executive Board, please submit a nominations today! You can submit a nomination for one of these open positions by sending the following information to dccpa@acpa.nche.edu:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Email Address of Nominee
  • Nominee’s Current Position and Institution
  • A short paragraph about why you are nominating yourself or your colleague to join the DCCPA Board

Position Descriptions


  • The President-Elect shall act in absence of the President and precede them after the one-year term of service.
  • They are responsible for professional development initiatives of the Association including oversight of the activities of the Committee Chairs. They will also support the annual conference by managing the program submission and selection process.
  • They will participate in or attend functions that will prepare them for the transition to the President position and must attend the ACPA National Conference and may attend the ACPA Summer Leadership Meeting.
  • This position has a two year term. The President-Elect will serve as the DCCPA Chapter President in the second year of their term.

Vice President of Chapter Logistics

  • The Vice President of Chapter Operations shall keep records of all Board and DCCPA activities and is responsible for reporting that activity as appropriate.
  • They are responsible for issuing all notices for Board or DCCPA meetings and recording attendance and minutes of each meeting. They are also responsible for collecting DCCPA activity for documenting and archiving purposes. This person will also be responsible for the creation of the DCCPA annual report for distribution to members and to ACPA.
  • They shall be responsible for all properties belonging to the DCCPA including digital and printed properties such as these bylaws.
  • They shall also be responsible for the development of the annual DCCPA budget as well as collection and disbursement of all fund requests for DCCPA activities. They will submit written documentation of budget activity at each Executive Board meeting and submit all required financial information to ACPA in accordance with DCCPA deadlines.
  • This position has a two year term.

You can visit our Elections page for more information about the election timeline.


Welcome to DCCPA!

District of Columbia College Personnel Association (DCCPA), a state division of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), promotes the professional development of college student educators and higher education professionals within the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area.

Membership in DCCPA and ACPA offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Discounted attendance at ACPA events
  • Access to ACPA publications
  • Access to ACPA career resources
  • Decreased ACPA rate for members
  • Access to personal liability insurance