It’s Election Time!

  • Elections Timeline
      • Nomination Process: December 13, 2016 – January 31, 2017 by 5 PM
      • Application Process: February 1, 2017 – February 10, 2017 by 5 PM
      • Online election period: February 11, 2017– February 17, 2017
      • Acceptance of Position by: February 22, 2017
      • Announcement of DCCPA Executive Board: February 23, 2017
      • Officer Transition: March 2017

Position Descriptions & Candidate Information for 2017-2018


  • The President-Elect shall act in absence of the President and precede them after the one-year term of service. They are responsible for professional development initiatives of the Association including oversight of the activities of the Committee Chairs. The President-Elect may also attend the ACPA Summer Leadership Meeting. They will participate in or attend functions that will prepare them for the transition to the President position.

Tim Miller

Associate Dean of Students, The George Washington University

I have watched DCCPA with great interest over the last several years and been impressed by colleagues who have stepped into leadership roles in the organization. One of my former colleagues, Jeff Llewellyn, served as President and we talked about his work regularly.  I completed my Doctorate last Spring and knew that I could not be more involved until that was completed and I believe I have both the time and the passion to step into this role now.  I have been interested in getting more involved over the last several years and believe that I can be of service to my colleagues in the DC metro area by serving in the role of President.  Our organization sit at an important time in our history and our ability to work together and collaborate will help each of us be more successful and better serve our students.  Organizations like DCCPA are what make this type of collaboration possible and I would be proud to serve my colleagues in this way.

I currently serve as the Associate Dean of Students and an adjunct faculty member in the Organizational Leadership and Learning Program at the George Washington University and have been a part of this community since 2002. I am also originally from this area and grew up just south of DC and attended James Madison University for my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.  I worked at JMU in Student Union management, Summer Conference Housing, and their Service and Service-Learning programs while getting both of my degrees.  I then worked at the University of South Carolina and oversaw their Service efforts and launched both Service-Learning and Alternative Breaks programs during my year there.

Since coming to GW in 2002, I have had a range of experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to see our students from a variety of perspectives. These experiences should allow me to connect with colleagues from all areas of Student Affairs and help us be successful as an organization.  Additionally, I have built friendships across many campuses that will hopefully allow us to engage more universities and colleagues to strengthen both DCCPA and our DC Student Affairs community.


Marianne Norman

Director or Undergraduate Advising, American University

As a mid-level professional working in higher education for the last 10 years, I feel that I have developed a strong sense of myself as a higher education professional. At this point in my career, I would like to further my involvement in professional organizations that aim to promote the professionalization of our field and professional development of those of us to do this work.  I have benefited tremendously from being involved in higher education organizations such as NACADA, NASPA, NODA, and most recently ACPA.  Being a member of ACPA and DCCPA has allowed me to build invaluable relationships with colleagues outside of my immediate team and university.  If elected to the position of president-elect of DCCPA I hope to provide leadership to the members of DCCPA by connecting higher education professionals throughout the DC metro area, allowing for collaboration and the sharing of new and innovative ideas and best practices. 


I am currently the Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising at the School of International Service at American University.  I received my master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership from West Virginia University, and have been working in higher education since 2007. During my time in higher education, I have worked in new student programming as an orientation leader and coordinator, in student activities, financial aid, and finally ended up finding my home in academic advising.  I most enjoy promoting student development and self-advocacy by helping students’ develop a sense of responsibility for their academic and personal goals.  In my current position as director of the advising office, I strive to find innovative ways to both meeting students’ needs and allowing advisors to have a better work life balance.  In addition to my formal work in higher education, I also work with students through a weekly mindfulness program at AU.  In this program, I help students further develop the inner strength necessary to work through life’s expected and unexpected challenges.




  • The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep records of all Board and DCCPA activities and is responsible for reporting that activity as appropriate. They are responsible for issuing all notices for Board or DCCPA meetings and recording attendance and minutes of each meeting. They are also responsible for collecting DCCPA activity for documenting and archiving purposes. This person will also be responsible for the creation of the DCCPA annual report for distribution to members and to ACPA. They shall be responsible for all properties belonging to the DCCPA including digital and printed properties such as these By Laws. They shall also be responsible for the development of the annual DCCPA budget as well as collection and disbursement of all fund requests for DCCPA activities. They will submit written documentation of budget activity at each Executive Board meeting and submitting all required financial information to ACPA in accordance with DCCPA deadlines.

Lauren Wagoner

Undergraduate Academic Advisor, American University

My involvement in various professional associations (ACPA, NASPA, and NACADA) have been very valuable to me as I establish my career in higher education. I have participated in professional associations in the past by presenting at conferences, being on conference planning committees, and participating in organized mentorship programming. However, I have not yet held a leadership position in any of these organizations. I believe that running for a position in our local chapter of DCCPA is a great place to start!

I have made great connections with colleagues through DCCPA and have gained valuable and useful knowledge at the DCCPA conferences I have attended over the past few years. I believe that we have a rich network of college and higher education professionals here in DC and I would love to be more involved in bringing this community together and promoting our professional development through this role. My strong organizational and communication skills will be assets to me if given the opportunity to hold the Secretary/Treasurer position with DCCPA. Thank you for your consideration.

My first job after graduation was a position in admissions and administration in an acting conservatory and then a music school. Through these experiences, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in education administration. While completing my masters degree in Higher Education Administration at The George Washington University, I worked in the Office for Study Abroad at GWU. In this position, I advised students studying abroad in Spain and Latin America. I also managed the study center programs in Spain, Argentina, and Chile. My responsibilities in these positions included pre-departure orientations, re-entry programming, and supporting students with issues that came up while they were abroad. After my time at GWU, I moved to American University. Currently, I am in my 4th year as an academic advisor for undergraduate students in the School of International Service. As an academic advisor, I work with students on a multitude of things that impact their time in college such as academic difficulty, time management, self-care, and post-college planning. In addition to my work as an advisor, I serve on the orientation planning team, present workshops on first generation students through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and serve on several other campus committees.