Candidates for President-Elect:

  1. Jordan Bolte, Georgetown University

Jordan Bolte, Georgetown University

Tell us your reasons for wanting to serve in the role(s) noted above.

I believe that I can fulfill the role of President-Elect because of my interest in the field, my experiences as a professional, and my professional focus on leadership and innovation. First, as a third year professional, my work continues to integrate student success and professional development in all aspects of my role. For example, I am piloting a program where Student Leaders integrate mindfulness practices alongside serious vocational exploration within the Jesuit Pedagogy of Georgetown University. Second, I have a diverse range of experiences that speak to significant portions of Higher Education as a field, not just residential Life and Housing. My work inside and outside of the field provides context and compulsion to break the echo chambers that mire Higher Education, and my ability to find positive compromise among disparate groups promotes healthy engagement and direction. Finally, staying up-to-date on trends occurring within DC schools is important to me, and I want to work toward making the DMV area educational institutions the leaders in best practices for the field. DMV schools are uniquely positioned in a seat of power for western culture, and I believe that DCCPA can leverage that position to enrich the experience of professionals and students within Higher Education.

Provide a biography outlining your responsibilities/experiences in higher education.

Starting as an RA in a large, all-male residence hall, I saw the impact and benefit of student affairs work from early in my college experience. By attending Taylor University, a small, private Christian college in the Midwest, my college experience deeply informed my views on religion, spirituality, and mindfulness and the student affairs program at Taylor forced me to see the purpose and meaning in serving my peers. I eventually became Student Body President for the campus of 2,000 undergraduate students during which time I sought to streamline student programming efforts with an increased focus on Equity.

After graduation, I taught English in South Korea, worked for investment firms and flooring companies, and served with Non-Profit Organizations in underprivileged communities in the Midwest. In 2013 I returned to education at Taylor University’s Masters of Higher Education and Student Development program. I served as a Graduate Assistant in the Calling and Career Office, Indiana University’s International Student Support Office, and I completed my Masters theses on international student integration into American universities.

I joined the Bard College Reslife staff in 2015 as an Area Coordinator where I was responsible for 12 residence halls and 14 RAs. At Bard, I gained extensive conflict and crisis management experience along with a deep desire to develop the leadership and civics of traditional students of higher education. In 2017, I joined the staff of Georgetown University as a Community Director, and I currently serve in this role. I continue to lean into conversations about faith and leadership, and my hope is that I can positively influence the upcoming generation of leaders at a time of uncertainty and dynamic change in America and American Higher Education.

Candidates for Vice President of Membership and Events:

  1. Ron Alexander, George Washington University
  2. Jaime Brown, Georgetown University
  3. Anne Graham, George Washington University
  4. Arielle Singleton, George Mason University


Ron Alexander, George Washington University

Tell us your reasons for wanting to serve in the role(s) noted above.

As a current student in Events and Meeting Management with a strong interest in Conference and Events I believe this position would be an ideal way for me to become involved in DCCPA. Previously I have been really involved in ACPA by serving on the Convention Planning Team and as a Directorate member of the Pan African Network Coalition. In both of my roles in ACPA, I have prided myself on the ability of building and fostering relationships with others. I believe this is an essential component of the VP of Membership and Events alongside of being detail oriented. I enjoy planning events and would be honored to continue the great work that has been done through the Annual DCCPA Conference, Happy Hours, Nats game, etc. and finding more ways to engage our DC and local members.

Provide a biography outlining your responsibilities/experiences in higher education.

Ron Alexander received his undergraduate degree in Sociology from Georgia State University in 2011 and he completed his Masters Studies in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in College Student Affairs from the University of West Georgia in 2013. He’s currently pursuing an MBA at GW’s School of Business. For almost 5 years Ron has worked professionally in various roles in Residence Life and student activities. He currently works as Area Coordinator of the Mount Vernon Campus at George Washington University, where he oversees the Residence Life program for a predominately first-year branch campus. Previously he has served in roles at Stony Brook University, Yale University, and Belmont University ranging from a Residence Director to a Summer Conference and Events Coordinator. At GW, Ron serves as a co-coordinator for the Fall Opening and move-in logistics committee that guides the transition process for over 8,000 new and returning students. He is also actively involved with ACPA serving on the 2018 and 2019 Convention Planning Team as the Volunteer Coordinator, and holds a Directorate Position on the Pan African Network housed under the Coalition of Multicultural Affairs (CMA). At this year’s Annual ACPA Convention Ron will be honored by CMA as the Outstanding New Professional in Student Affairs 2018.

Jaime Brown, Georgetown University

Tell us your reasons for wanting to serve in the role(s) noted above.

One of the many reasons I am interested in the VP of Membership and Events position is the wealth of knowledge I hope to obtain and generate. By building connections between Student Affairs (SA) professionals in the DC Metro area, I am able to encourage learning and foster engagement, something we all do for our students daily, amongst colleagues in the field.

In the role, I plan to facilitate the exchange of resources. I hope to make it easier to share information, but also talent, including but not limited to encouraging the consideration of colleagues from neighboring schools to give presentations, lead workshops, and to potentially fill roles in hopes of retaining the talent that is already in the area.

This position seems fitting for someone who is inviting, as well as detail-oriented and thorough when handling multiple tasks. Across the many positions I hold at my own institution, I am able to establish relationships with campus colleagues and manage my time efficiently to complete many tasks, despite competing deadlines. It is my goal to join the DCCPA Executive Board to further hone those skills and expand my network and knowledge as I transition into a mid-level professional.

Provide a biography outlining your responsibilities/experiences in higher education.

At Rutgers, I went from being an engaged student leader to a committed SA professional. While there, throughout graduate school at NYU, and in my first full-time role, I worked in Admissions doing Marketing and Recruiting. Through my work, I learned the importance of being informed about my constituents, advocating for innovations and excellence, and retaining talent to build teams of committed professionals.

I later transitioned to Residential Living at Georgetown, where I currently serve as a Community Director whose main goal is to build community. I make myself visible in my hall by attending programs, learning residents’ names, and collaborating with campus partners in order to have an active presence throughout the university. My commitment was acknowledged when I was awarded the 2016-2017 SA New Professional of the Year Award. In my work this far, I have had to be social, organized, and serve as the face of these programs and institutions. I plan to bring those same skills to this role and organization.

In DCCPA, my goal is to be being a bridge builder who recruits talent that would thrice in the organization and builds community amongst members.

Anne Graham, George Washington University

Tell us your reasons for wanting to serve in the role(s) noted above.

My current position, as well as my prior professional experience in marketing and communications, has equipped me with skills and experiences that directly align with the roles of the Vice President of Membership and Events. I am eager for the opportunity to apply my skills to this role and make an impact in the continued growth and development of DCCPA. As someone whose professional experience in higher education is limited to one institution, I place great value on the opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning that DCCPA offers. I believe there is great potential to grow the membership and level of engagement with this relatively new chapter and I welcome the chance to ensure that the organization is a leader in facilitating connections, friendships, and learning opportunities between higher education professionals in the Washington, D.C. region.

Provide a biography outlining your responsibilities/experiences in higher education.

During the last nine years at the George Washington University, I have worked with students, faculty, and campus partners in a variety of capacities. In my current position as assistant director of student involvement in GW’s Center for Student Engagement, I work to facilitate student involvement through the oversight of the student organization program, prominent campus spaces and systems, and large-scale campus events. Prior to this role, I led the marketing, communications, and public relations for GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development. This role included the planning and promotion of programming, including conferences, featured speakers, and alumni receptions.

Of particular relevance to the position of Vice President of Membership and Events is my involvement with the 2017 DCCPA Annual Conference. This year, I contributed to the marketing of the conference, including the creation and distribution of all promotional emails, registration reminders, and social media posts. As the conference location, GW’s District House, falls under my purview, I also assisted with the day-of coordination and logistics. The 2018 conference will take place in the same space and I would welcome the opportunity to apply my event planning and marketing skills toward ensuring a valuable experience for presenters and attendees.


Arielle Singleton, George Mason University

Tell us your reasons for wanting to serve in the role(s) noted above.

I want to serve as the Vice President of Membership and Events for DCCPA in order to build a network of student affairs professionals in this region. I have been a member of DCCPA for 3 years and have attended countless events in addition to presenting at the annual conference this past December. I know that I have the skills to continue the growth within the organization. It would be my goal as Vice President to continue spreading the word about our organization and to organize events that prepare our members to be leaders in the field. I want to build an organization that represents different institutions, functional areas, and professional backgrounds. DCCPA should be an organization that not only supports our social needs, but also unites us as professionals invested in the same goal – student support. I believe that my expertise in recruitment, event planning, and retention are compatible with the requirements of the Vice President position. My initiatives will take advantage of the abundance of opportunities to network in the metropolitan DC area because of the high number of diverse institutions, associations, and organizations catered to enriching and supporting the academic and social development of students. I look forward to getting to know our members more in order to build a professional organization that challenges and supports our development as leaders in academia.

Provide a biography outlining your responsibilities/experiences in higher education.

I have 5 years of experience in higher education and have worked for both the University of Maryland (UMD) and George Mason University. As the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at George Mason’s Schar School of Policy and Government, I am responsible for organizing and facilitating more than 15 recruiting events per academic year including open houses, admitted student receptions, and course samplers. I organize all aspects of these events to include directing catering and room reservations, designing communication plans and marketing, coordinating involvement of more than 80 faculty members and staff, and planning logistics for anticipated audiences of 100 or more people. I also review and make admissions decisions for graduate applications, serve as the unit liaison for international applicants, and prepare preliminary reviews for PhD applications to disseminate to faculty. My previous work experience also includes coordinating events for career services at UMD and assessing undergraduate research curriculum at George Mason. I have the skills to communicate with diverse audiences including prospective members, colleagues, and senior leadership in academia. I believe that a leadership position within DCCPA is fundamental to my professional development in the field of higher education and I am committed to the charge.