DCCPA’s Annual Conference will take the theme “Capitalizing on Change,” and bring together higher education professionals from across the region to exchange ideas and discuss best practices, research, current issues, and trends in local, national, and global higher education. The conference will take place on December 6, 2019 at the George Washington University.

Our world, our city, and our institutions are in an era of change and within the next decade, our local and national higher education landscape will look vastly different. A combination of political, economic, demographic, and technological changes are influencing the way in which we do our work every day and while challenging, this era of change presents unique opportunities for innovation and creativity. The DCCPA Annual Conference 2019 will convene practitioners from the DC Metro area to share about how we’re all rising to the challenges facing us today. What are the ways in which we are capitalizing on change? What are the ways in which we are preparing for change? How are we preparing our students to enter a changing workforce and economic landscape? How have we succeeded in creating change? These questions and more will be at the center of our discussion and learning at the DCCPA Annual Conference.

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2019 DCCPA Annual Conference Keynote: Vernon Wall

We are thrilled to announce Vernon A. Wall as the 2019 DCCPA Annual Conference keynote speaker.

Vernon has accumulated over 30 years of professional Student Affairs experience at Iowa State University, the University of Georgia, UNC-Charlotte, and UNC-Chapel Hill. He has experience in Greek life, new student orientation, student activities, leadership development, global education and university housing. Vernon currently lives in Washington DC where he serves as the Director of Business Development for LeaderShape, Inc.  Vernon is also President and Founder of One Better World, LLC – a consulting firm specializing in engaging others in courageous social justice and equity conversations.   Vernon is currently serving as Vice-President/President Elect of ACPA – College Student Educators, International and will serve as the association’s President in 2020 – 2021.

With degrees from North Carolina State University and Indiana University, Vernon is the consummate scholar-practitioner. Vernon is a nationally known speaker in the areas of social justice and leadership styles and is one of the founders and facilitators of the Social Justice Training Institute. Vernon has written several articles and has co-edited two books on issues of inclusion on today’s college campus. His award-winning programs and presentations have been seen by thousands of students, faculty, and staff on campuses across the country.  Vernon’s passion for social justice and inclusion is grounded in a quote from his late grandmother: “May the work I’ve done speak for me.”

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Lower rates for 2019!

The DCCPA Annual Conference 2019 will offer the same number of educational sessions and opportunities for networking as previous years, but in a slightly shorter time frame and with significantly lower rates. The DCCPA Annual Conference serves as a rare opportunity for higher education practitioners in our region to gather and exchange knowledge and resources.  Because we believe in the value of this annual gathering, we have worked to make the conference more accessible by lowering the rates significantly. In order to accomplish this, we eliminated the breakfast and lunch offerings, instead allowing attendees to bring their own or purchase lunch from one of the many nearby options. We hope that this allows more of our regional colleagues to attend the Annual Conference. We welcome your feedback on this change.

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Please note that the member/non-member rate is based on individual ACPA membership. For more information on ACPA membership, please visit http://www.myacpa.org/join-acpa. If you have difficulty with registration, please email [email protected] or contact Anne Graham (VP, Membership and Events) at 202-994-0177.

2019 Educational Sessions

Our 2019 educational sessions feature a wide range of topics delivered by professionals from more than 8 regional institutions.

View the full schedule here. 

Coaching for Career – Equipping the Next Generation of Global Leaders
“Here We Go Again”: Supporting Transfer Students Moving In, Through, and Out of Transition
How to Design a Culturally Responsible and Effective Campus Climate Assessment
No More Meetings That Could’ve Been Emails
How Thematic Programming Creates a Streamlined Experience for Students and Staff
Positive Restlessness – Creating a Data-Informed Culture in Student Affairs
Engaging Students in Academic and Professional Development: Designing a Graduate Student Success Series
Self-Care, External Obligations, and Burnout – How are we holistically supporting student and professional staff during August?
Hip-Hop & Higher Education
International Student Partnership Programs: Lessons Learned in the Evolution of Two Graduate School Programs
Cultivating a Resilient Mind
Alternative Identities & Lifestyles, HBCUs & PBIs: Future Considerations for Growing Communities
Mastering the Hidden Curriculum
Peer Accountability; A Higher Standard
How to Move Forward: A Case Study of Greek Students tackling Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Within

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you in December!